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What is your home made of? It may matter more than you think. The value of your home and the cost to build your home depends on the types of materials it features. This includes the exterior wall construction. When selecting a home insurance policy, your agent will want to know what type of structure you own. READ MORE >>

Operating a business well means having trained professionals to help you. You probably spend a lot of money hiring and training your team. When something happens, and your business cannot operate, you do not want to lose those individuals. If you have business insurance, you do not have to. READ MORE >>

Bicyclists have to follow the same rules of the road as motorists. This includes stopping at stop signs, no riding under the influence, no covering both ears with headphones or headsets. In Los Angeles, there has been a drastic increase in the amount of bike lanes that are being integrated into streets. READ MORE >>

Car insurance Make sure to check for discounts that your student may be eligible for. The possible discount include maintaining good grades, going to college located at least 100 miles from your home, your driving record, the type of car, and how much the car is used could all impact your car insurance. READ MORE >>

Is fire a risk at your home? Nearly every home has some level of risk when it comes to fire. However, every homeowner has the ability to reduce that risk. To do so, you need to know how to spot concerns. And, you should have some basic steps in mind to keep your home safe. READ MORE >>

One of the most common causes of high business insurance costs is liability claims. A liability claim occurs when someone suffers a loss you or your business cause. They file a claim with your insurance company for the losses they face. The goal of business insurance is to ensure you have financial protection for these instances. READ MORE >>

    The initial cost of a car is the least of your worries when figuring out how much a car is going to cost. The cost of insurance canfar outway the initial cost. The size and horsepower of a car can directly impact the cost of insurance. READ MORE >>

A tire blowout is any instance in which the tire becomes flat suddenly. This often happens while driving. When it occurs, you may need to pull over. You will need to get the vehicle repaired properly. Most of the time, you also have to work with your auto insurance company to see if you have coverage for it. READ MORE >>

Whether you sell trucks or have a car wash, your vehicle service needs insurance coverage. The automotive world has a lot to offer. Today’s business owners are thriving, making money and staying protected. To stay protected, you need to make sure you have these four critical areas of protection. READ MORE >>

Electric scooter sharing from Bird, Lime, and Spin have been popping up all over California streets. These scooters first started to appear in Santa Monica and has continues to appear among highly populated cities across the US. San Francisco and Santa Monica are about halfway through both of their trial periods, where as, Culver City is just beginning. READ MORE >>

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